Monday, October 10, 2011

Partial Correction

Renault have built a few of the 5 seater Kangoo ZE vans with windows. Some of them are not white.

These LHD vans are not going to the UK. I double checked and the UK website says the initial launch UK vans are white with a fixed set of options.

Batvans are in production

The first production Kangoo Z.E. van rolled off the line September 12th. From the photos in the Launch Press Release, it looks like the first batch are basic white vans with the ZE logo.

The initial run of Z.E. vans sold in the UK will be painted white with fixed options. I want to choose my options, so I've given up my reservation slot. I'm also going to wait and see if the 5-passenger glazed version (with windows) qualifies for the £5000 car subsidy.

I'd wager most of the early production is going towards filling the 10,000 EVs ordered by the French Post Office.