Monday, December 17, 2012

How Many?

How many electric vehicles are registered for on the road use in the UK?  Not many at all.

Here are the numbers:

Think 9
Tesla Roadster 56
Peugeot Partner Electric + Citroen Berlingo Electrique(1998-) 73 left
Renault Fluence Z.E. 60
Renault Kangoo Z.E. 223
Renault Twizy 226
Peugeot iON + Citroen C-Zero + Mitusbishi i-MIEV 563
Reva G-WIZ 576 left
Smiths milk float 876 left
Nissan Leaf 1027

Source: Third Quarter 2012 vehicle registration data fromHowManyLeft.

Disappointing numbers.
Well except for Reva.

I've counted the iOn, C-Zero and i-MIEV together since they are the same car. But it is the iON that is responsible for the big jump in registrations. Peugeot iON numbers spiked up after a few dealers started offering the car on heavily discounted business leases. Very few went at the initial crazy high £488/month. Fleetdrive-electric is still advertising contract-hire at £149/month+VAT That price includes the battery. Are they dumping inventory before Zoe arrives?
The Fluence Z.E. continues to not sell. I wouldn't be surprised if Renault discontinued the RHD Fluence.
The Kangoo Z.E. fares somewhat better. Airports account for a good chunk of UK fleet sales. To my surprise there were nearly as many LL21 Maxi vans as ML20 vans. The LL21s could be the 5 seat crew or window vans.
The Kangoo Z.E. is too expensive. Contract-hire for a zero-option ML20 Van with the battery is about £326/month + VAT. £400/month? For a van? If Renault offered the van for £199/month including VAT I'd be driving one.

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