Monday, December 24, 2012

Veja Trainers

To my surprise, Renault sent me an email for the free pair of Veja Trainers. Surprised because the trainers are only available to the first 1500 reservations world wide. Not only are they available, but all the sizes were still in stock. Renault has well under 1500 reservations for a Zoe. Who knows how many of them will turn into firm orders.

 I looked at a Tesla Model S yesterday. They go on sale in the UK soon, with the first deliveries by the end of 2013. The person showing us the car told me Tesla is selling 100 cars a day. Renault is selling maybe 100 Zoe cars a month. If that.

Ordering a Tesla requires an immediate $5000 deposit. That is in a different league than the £49 Renault requires. Tesla is going to convert most of their reservations into sales. 

Of course, the Model S is in an entirely different class than the Zoe. Nevertheless the Model S is selling well. Not only that but there are real 100% complete cars in the hands of real customers.

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