Monday, February 25, 2013

How Far?

Range is one of the primary concerns of potential EV buyers.

Here is the NEDC range for many of the current and soon to be available EVs sold here in the UK.

NEDC Range in miles

Vito e-cell 80
Smart ForTwo 90
2011 iMEV 93 --- iMEV, iON and CZero are the same.
2012 Kangoo Z.E. 106
2012 Leaf 109
2013 Golf-e 109?
2012 Fluence 115
2013 Leaf 124
2013 Zoe 130
BMW i3 140
Tesla Model S 60kWh 234 (230 at constant 55mph)
Tesla Model S 85kWh 312 (300 at constant 55mph)

The 2013 Leaf range is from a Nissan press release.    Golf-e is from a web article and not confirmed.

The European NEDC range is overly optimistic. EPA range is close to real range, but isn't available for nearly as many cars. Real ranges are  lower. 60 to 80 miles for the Kangoo Z.E. and 2012 Leaf.   Perhaps 70 to 90 for the Zoe and i3.

The two standouts are Zoe and Tesla.   Zoe gets nearly the same range as the i3 for half the price.

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