Sunday, January 27, 2013

How Much is that LEAF in the Window?

Nissan UK recently reduced the price of the LEAF.  Current UK EV prices are

Renault Zoe £13,650 + £70/month
Nissan LEAF £23,490
Renault Kangoo Z.E. £16,990 + £70/month
Renault Fluence Z.E. £17,495 + £76/month
Vauxhall Ampera  £29,995

BMW i3  £38,000?

Tesla Model S £38,000?
VW XLI   ????

The BMW i3 price is based on press reports.  Model S is an estimate based on a press release.

PCP finance offers are

Zoe Expression £2,492 down  £249/month for 48 months.
LEAF  £3,500 down £238/month for 36 months.  Option to purchase £12,649
Zoe Dynamique £2,888 down £259/month for 48 months.
Kangoo Z.E.   Contract Hire is over £400/month.

A LEAF is about the same price as a Zoe. LEAF is available now.    Kangoo Z.E. is still too expensive. 

The links to Zoe and Fluence finance offers at are broken. Zoe Prices are from a VIP event. I would have to contact Reanult to find the PCP details for Fluence.  

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